Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cloud Nine

I just got an email from a someone I haven't seen in three or four years and it made my day. We'll call him Hot Older Guy. He and I used to see each other through a mutual aquaintance on a pretty regular basis. He's tall with dark hair and really nice eyes and is just generally pretty dreamy. He tends to speak his mind and has a dark, biting sense of humor and always talks with this conspiratorial air that makes you feel like it's just you and him who are "in" on the joke. I'm a sucker for that. He's only 10 or 15 years older than me, but I aways felt like a kid around him. Something about how confident he is. One of those people who are really at home in their own skin and doesn't experience a lot of self-doubt. On days when I knew I'd be seeing him, I would catch myself messing with my hair and putting extra care into my makeup. Just because.

So today Hot Older Guy emailed me. While addressing the news that I had become single again since we last talked (he knew me when I was with my ex) he confided that he had always had a thing for me. From a practical standpoint it's irrelevant because he's taken and he was writing it in a "that guy is crazy" etc. sort of context, but what a good feeling. I'm on top of the world - Hot Older Guy says he had a crush on me and "probably still does."

I think people should just tell each other what they really think and feel when it's positive. I'm forever telling people they look good or that I love something they are wearing. Even complete strangers. I'll just tell someone out of the blue, "You have amazing eyes." or whatever. I tend to tell people I have a thing for pretty much up front. Because NO ONE minds being made to feel good about themselves. Everyone should feel like this every so often.

So I'm just going to go float around on a cloud for a bit now.

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