Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Art of Danielle Corsetto:

Girls With Slingshots

© Danielle Corsetto

I just came across Danielle Corsetto's BRILLIANT "Girls With Slingshots" online comic strip. Read everything she has up in one sitting.

© Danielle Corsetto

The strip follows the escapades of Hazel and Jamie, and their various buddies / love interests / house plants. LOVE the strip. Comic strip characters I can personally relate to.

© Danielle Corsetto

I love that it's chick centric but guy friendly, only occasionally touches on the issue of weight (because THAT's been done to death), actually addresses work / career stress and completely, unapologetically has sex as a regular topic. Because any two women over the age of 15 who spend all their time together are talking about sex. Seriously. I think we're worse than men about it. So any honest work about 20-30 something women shouldn't neglect that. And she definitely doesn't.

The comic strips here are reproduced with the artist's permission and honestly, I had trouble selecting only a few. Originally I intended to just put one up but I just couldn't make a decision.

So I highly recommend Danielle Corsetto's Girls With Slingshots. Love her drawing style, the wry humor, the distinct characters, and the cyber savvy and socially progressive mindset.

...And the cactus. I freaking LOVE the cactus.

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