Tuesday, March 27, 2007

30 Second Bunnies Theater

Easter is coming up so you can expect a smattering of vaguely Easter-related entries from me. It's not that I particularly celebrate Easter.

It's that I own bunnies.

I have a friend who jokes that it's "Christmas for Bunnies." Which is completely silly but totally works for me. I buy the buns extra treats and they get an Easter dinner that includes a wider variety of fancy expensive veggies and herbs than I normally shell out for. Rabbits are far more clever than people usually realize... but I'm still pretty sure that they don't register the whole "special occasion" thing.

So, as my first nod to the season and what will probably become an annual period of bunny celebration for me and my furry family - I would like to direct you to 30 Second Bunnies Theater. It's been pretty viral, so you have probably seen them before, but if not - definitely worth checking out. Cartoon bunnies act out 30 second versions of popular films. The list includes two of MY all-time favorite movies, The Big Chill and Alien. The other selections include old classics like Casablanca and modern classics like Rocky (the pet turtles have bunny ears!). And funniest of all is a cast of cartoon rabbits acting out The Rocky Horror Picture Show, including the garters, the blood and the dance routines.

In case the film selction didn't make it clear - these aren't really kid friendly. They're more kitsch than homage, so don't be offended when they oversimplfy your fave film. I mean, it's 30 seconds! Which is pretty darn impressive.

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