Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Meet Cute

My blogability is broken. I am in a fairly new relationship. A relationship that may, in fact, be THE relationship. This has somehow scrambled my brain and left me incapable of coming up with topics that don’t involve gooey nonsense. I can’t even write anything satisfying about topics that DO relate to this new development in my life because I can’t find much in the way of references to the theme that most holds my interest right now...

That is: I want to find “how we met” stories. People MUST blog about this and have websites about this. The turning point stories in our lives; How We Began, When I KNEW and How We Said Goodbye are THE stories. Pivotal moments in our human interaction. Not just in our love lives, but in the tales of every relationship.

The moment I KNEW my closest female friend was a Friend for Life came when she tracked me down through a relative after years of separation. We were finally on the phone after SO MUCH TIME and I stammered apologies - amidst my shock - about how I wasn’t sure how it happened that we lost track or who was supposed to call who and she just said, “It doesn’t matter. I found you.” And that was IT. When I KNEW. Sometimes life is like that.

They (the infamous THEY) say that our lives are a series of moments. If we are lucky we can look back and see these moments in hindsight but they are invisible and fleeting while they take place in realtime. Every once in a while we have moments that are immaculate and important and we SEE them. It is wonderful to be living a great moment in your life and KNOW it is happening. You take a photograph with your mind. Your joy is magnified because it feels like a part of your larger journey in life and in those moments, life makes a great deal more sense.

You think, “OH. THAT’S why I’m here.”

Things become a little clearer.

I met someone. Ahem, I met someone TWO YEARS AGO. I was in the midst of a long term relationship. The someone I met left the job I met him through and, unbeknownst to me, moved to another town. Then, under tremendously unlikely circumstances, I met him again. Two months ago. In some strange unexpected way, everything has been brought into sharp focus and makes infinitely more sense to me than it did before.

As a result of my own serendipitous “meet cute” unfolding, I find myself suddenly fascinated by How We Met stories and looking for the invisible hand of fate at work in our daily lives.

...And I’m complete crap at blogging. But I’m working on it. And trying to write about ANYTHING else. Which is nearly impossible. I should get a gold star for the fact that I’m even trying.


  1. Yes, you should be commended for blogging when going thru this... cause I too think i may have met THE ONE and can't think about anything else. I'm sure I've driven everyone around me nuts with stories and anecdotes about him but i can't even imagine trying to blog about anything other than how wonderful life is and how new love is the best feeling in the world.

  2. Awwww...you were talking about me!! (Blushing) When someone explained the World Wide Web to me and that you could find people and talk to people in other states and countries, immediately I made him show me how it worked and you were the first person that I wanted to look for! And I was still shy back then, so me calling around to all of these strange people looking for you was a big thing for me! Thank the Lord that someone pays the phone bill at the Lake House!