Monday, July 16, 2007

The Need to Create

“Sometimes you've got to let everything go - purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything... whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.”
- Tina Turner

I have A LOT of projects at home that I was never able to finish these past few years. A quilt for a friend’s baby girl. A HUGE crocheted afghan blanket. A series of funky magnets to give as gifts. Dress patterns set aside when I lost the inspiration to sew them. A painting intended for this beautiful blank canvas that I just keep staring at. This new bread recipe I’ve been meaning to try. FOREVER.

I was very unhappy for... well, for almost two years. This blog is, in fact, the only thing I really accomplished during that time period that was even remotely creative. My ex and I would fight and I somehow felt angry at him and wanted to blame him for my lack of inspiration but somehow that felt absurd. Perhaps I wasn’t too far off. I mean, it’s not his fault I was WITH him, but I was miserable. That relationship ended and I had a creative voice again. I’ve been deeply entrenched in community theater for the past six months and now I am taking a break from the stage and remembering the blanket half finished in the back of my closet. And the gorgeous quilt squares. And the green fabric I bought for that dress pattern. And how long it’s been since I made homemade bread.

My fingers are itching to create something. And I can’t help but think it’s because I am happy and feel so unencumbered that I am free to create - whether it be a character on stage or paint on canvas. Tina knew what she was talking about, it's excellent advice.

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