Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unlikely Domesticating Influences

I am one of those people who reads Dooce religiously. I have the most illogical reaction to Heather Armstrong’s acerbic tales of childrearing escapades and family hijinks. It makes having a kid sound like a REALLY GREAT IDEA. In spite of her child’s toilet training woes and tantrums and the fact that Heather is parenting while struggling with depression, the stories are hilarious and warm and nutty. I love their dog and Leta (her daughter) is gorgeous. Heather writes a letter to Leta every month chronicling that month of Leta’s life. I think this is brilliant and plan to do the same (although not on a blog) if and when I have children of my own.

Entries like this most recent one are the reason I can’t stay away from this blog and find myself thinking that having a child sounds pretty darn fun. Of course, she MAY just be a really clever writer and capable of making ANYTHING sound fun. Like running in circles in the living room? She makes that sound GREAT.

It’s probably good that she doesn’t work in advertising or do PR for the government.

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