Friday, November 30, 2007

Lack of Blog

My apologies for the lack of blog this week. I ended up needing the week off. After a weekend chock full o' crazy family goodness (which, by Sunday, had me running for the hills. Very nearly literally.) and a week of cooking like a madwoman (Staying up till 3am. No time to see The Guy. Back to the grocery store for something I forgot like TEN times. You see, I semi-volunteered to cater an event for 130 people tonight. On my own. Yes, please - DO call the men in white coats.) - I had nothing in me left with which to write. I couldn't even muster up a quote or ANYTHING. I'm dreaful. Apologies all around.

Tonight I serve cold Artichoke Parmesan dip with Criostini and Spinach Empanadas and Lemon Almond Biscotti and antipasto to a large group of people who, knowing my dumb luck, are probably all allergic to nuts and hate marinated mushrooms and olives and will want to know where the french onion dip is for the veggies on the antipasto platter.

Maybe I'll save myself some trouble and provide a completely-out-of-place dip for the veggies.

So anyway, after the catering I get to spend my weekend with The Guy and Little Man; sleeping in, reading, roasting marshmallows in the fireplace, assisting Little Man with the finer points of our favorite video game, visiting with some friends, making hot cocoa, maybe going to a local park for a walk - in other words, HEAVEN.

Next week I'll, you know, think and stuff like that. And then I'll get back to posting.


  1. No apologies necessary, Marisa. Enjoy your break!

  2. I can't decide which I enjoyed more... the biscotti, the empanadas, or the artichoke dip. LEFTOVERS ARE THE BEST!!!

  3. I miss the days when i was a guest at one of your events. I miss your cooking and you!!