Friday, November 09, 2007


I always find it fascinating when my favorite bloggers share some of the unusual keyword searches that have led people to their internetz "door."

Mine are usually pretty obvious connections. As soon as I see the keywords, I know what post brought them here. The most consistent are female world leaders and Vanity Fair Proust questionnaire. Others can be more unusual, while I am still clear as to how someone was led here by them; Proust state of mind, hit man for the burger king ad (hello? there's a hit man in a Burger King ad? where? when?), graphic pap smear, when you have lost it all, movie quote he must practice on melons or something, sashweight murder, the names of many artists I have posted about on here and, hilariously, stanley tucci haircut.

The one I am really really super confused and disturbed by, however, is position yourself to see women peeing.

I have never written about pee. I am completely flummoxed as to A) why that search brought someone to me and B) ohmydearlord why is someone searching THAT string of words? Is it a search for advice or tips on this activity? Were they hoping for photos? WHAT?

Of course, now anyone who searches that string of words is comin' straight to my door.

And I say to them: BAAAAAAD interweb user! Don't bother poor women who are trying to relieve themselves in peace! And don't come here again!

Icky icky yuck yuck ew!

Some really strange stuff happens on the web.


  1. I once wrote a post about potty training my son. You wouldn't believe how many hits I get that have to do with peeing!

  2. LOL!!!! that last one IS disturbing!

  3. I know, right?!?!

    I just realized that when I wrote about pap smears I talked about how they make you pee in a cup! BINGO! That's what did it!

    Yeah, Liza - I bet you got a lot of wierd hits after that post.