Thursday, May 04, 2006


My website is finally up with the correct domain name!

Yay! I have conquered the internet! I WIN.

I think I have that "girls aren't good at science and math" fear which is nobody's fault but my own because I KNOW that's not true. Knowing this, I still look at a page of html code, start to develop a nervous tick and just before a panic attack kicks in, I resort to hollering for my boyfriend to come in and "fix it". I know women can do this.

Just because some bizarre anamoly of my environment has exposed me to more computer savvy men than women doesn't mean that I, as a female, cannot figure this out. (Mind you, I do not intend to give the incorrect impression that I am frequently "exposed" to the computer savvy in an obscene fashion. Wouldn't that be a funny nervous tick? You hear someone speaking in computer jargon and suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to drop trou...)

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  1. i would totally run around spewing computer jargon just to watch people drop their pants. that would be great.