Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad Kisser

You know the guy you only went on a couple of dates with although he was nice and opened the door for you and had good taste in music... because the first time he tried to kiss you, you pulled back with your chin dripping?

I am afraid my pet rabbit may be THAT GUY.

Bunnies groom each other as a form of social interaction. They often focus on grooming faces and ears, which makes sense. Those are the things they can't reach themselves. It usually seems very sweet because it makes them appear to be kissing. I own a pair of lop rabbits. The male grooms the female (pictured above) with a passion and dilligence I have previously only witnessed animals using on their offspring or own hindquarters. He gets so impassioned that he will stretch out to his full length, pushing back against the ground with his slippery furry little paws as he tries to get greater leverage.

Our female bunny is beginning to get an odd slicked-back look to the fur around her eyes. Her face is VERY clean. Thankfully, she has begun to protect herself when he gets too OCD with the cleaning. She scoots back and hops off until he gets the message. Much like human dating, I suppose. Rarely does anyone actually tell a guy he's been secretly nicknamed "slurpy".

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