Monday, May 29, 2006


OK. I sometimes skim the celebrity gossip crapola and yes - I know it rots my brain. Because of that dirty little habit, I had heard about the whole “Britney nearly drops baby” thing - along with all the other times that looney has endangered her kid - but I figured it was exaggerated by the media. You know - just like everything else. That was before I saw THESE PICTURES on a semi-recent blog by Freakgirl. I know this is old “news”, but I just saw the photos for the first time (I’m not THAT much of a celeb gossip watcher). You can’t get any trashier than nearly dropping your baby because you are PROTECTING YOUR DRINK. It’s supposedly water... which may be true. But if I were going outside holding my eight-month-old and knew I would be surrounded by pushy strangers (as she always is), I wouldn’t be carrying a glass in my other hand.

Then again, I think all mothers have some moment they look back on in horror when they accidentally bonked the baby’s head or whatever. I know my family has those stories and we children are all adults now and think the stories are funny. After all, mom so rarely made mistakes and we made so many. Because of that we really find some humor in the “Remember the time I broke my arm and you didn’t believe me” story or the “Remember when you sent me to my room and forgot about me and I stayed in my room all day” story. My mother does not think these stories are funny. And she didn’t even have to worry about media scrutiny.

So maybe the has-been pop princess deserves some slack... but at the rate she’s going (this is , what? the third or fourth fiasco over baby-related oopsies?) she may want to hold the kid with both hands and put down the glass.

Oh, and for the curious - I was the one who got sent to my room and forgotten. I’m emotionally scarred for life. hee hee. Just kidding, Mom!

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  1. The look on her face in the last picture is priceless