Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What You Love

”But you are what you love and not what loves you back.”
- Rilo Kiley

As you know, it is the infamous commercial holiday / mating ritual known as Valentine’s Day. Whether you are spending a romantic day with your sweetheart or on a roof with a sniper rifle waiting to pick pick off unsuspecting love birds, I really think we need to try to maintain perspective.

It’s just another day. Just like any other day. And it cannot make you feel awful or make-or-break your new relationship or fill your world with warm fuzzies on it’s own. It’s all about how you choose to see it. I think it’s good to have a reason (not that you need one) to remind people in your life that you care about them. And in spite of my current single status, I can enjoy some of the cheezy goodness of the holiday. I think it’s sweet to see couples who look all moony over each other. I mean, naturally - I’m also secretly laughing at them. Laughing in a maniacal, cackling way which clearly implies that I can envision the impending doom of their love. But still - I think they’re cute.

So the important question today is NOT “Who loves you?” The question to be answered is, “Who do you love?”

I love my mom who has gotten some kind of Valentine candy for her kids every year of our lives (even though we’re all adults now) to make sure we get a Valentine from someone. I love my insane older sister who can’t go like ten minutes without some sexual innuendo or dirty joke coming out of her mouth. I love my baby sister who gives the best gifts ever and made me this decoupage box for Christmas that reminded me of the handmade gifts I used to make for her back when I was cool. I love my friends. I love this guy (friend) who came over and complimented me out of the blue last night because he could see that I had just been upset by something and he was determined to make it ok. I love people who pay attention like that. I love my brilliant friend who sent me the perfectly timed book (see previous post “How to Save a Life”). I love my girlfriends who call me at 3am when they are freaking out and need someone to talk to because it's so good to know they trust that you will be there. I love my gay boyfriend who has mailed me a Valentine gift that "you don't want to open at work" - leaving me in high anticipation of a blow up doll in a brown paper package on my doorstep tonight. I love Sheila O’Malley and Farmgirl and Petite Anglaise and the Neighbor of the Hoors and all the bloggers that brighten my day by being clever and warm and funny and whacked out and everything else I need to get through the day.

I love plenty. And I’ll try to tell them all. For me, that's what this holiday (and interesting cultural ritual) is about.

Happy VD my friends.

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