Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hot Scot Contest

I’m off to Scotland in a few days and as such, have been scouring the internet for all things Scots. By far and away the most amusing site I have found is for the Date A Hot Scot contest. Click the link and apparently after you vote for your favorite Scot you can also register to win a trip to Scotland for two (theoretically for two women). It seems to be an effort to boost tourism by way of pimping out native sons. Which I think is HILARIOUS!

I have no idea who to “vote” for. I wonder if the "winner" gets a real prize or just gets stuck spending an afternoon with some crazy foreign women. Probably the latter. The website also has a guide to areas of Scotland designated by the type of man you want to find. Completely silly but all in good fun. I certainly hope there aren’t women out there planning a vacation to the Highlands just because this website assures them of meeting a hot young Laird!

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