Monday, August 07, 2006

In Which I am Apparently Dreadful and Offensive

I do not understand why some people shoot unpleasant looks about with wild abandon. I know that some people just DO this, but it really burns my butt.

Today a woman came into my place of employment, asked for one of my coworkers and gave me a VERY NASTY LOOK. A look that somewhere in between strong irritation and “What is this nasty thing I have stepped on?” It was bothersome. I do not know this woman. I have never done business with her. I do not have something dreadful stuck to my face (I checked). There is nothing remarkable or odd about my appearance that I am aware of. I am by no means horribly disfigured (I am told that I am attractive at least frequently enough that I cannot possibly look like Quasimodo and simply be unaware of it. And if I WAS disfigured then that would be no excuse for giving me nasty looks.). I am a little thinner than this woman, but not enough for her to direct random Angry Woman Vibes at me. The most unusual thing about my appearance is probably that I have red hair and if this causes an angry reaction in people, I was unaware of it. I am flummoxed.

Then my coworker comes out and the woman is pleasant to her. They conduct business, everything is fine. This does not help my irritation. Perhaps the woman’s husband left her for a redhead. Maybe she hates green (I am wearing green). I will never know. But I certainly didn’t do anything to her. So why make another person’s day a little less pleasant by being unpleasant to them? There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.

I’m so miffed now, I feel like giving OTHER people dirty looks to even things out a bit.

Maybe that’s what happened to her.

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