Monday, November 08, 2010

Jeremy Irons

Totally at random, I found this wonderful entry at "The Selvedge Yard" about the style of Jeremy Irons.

While I realize that he was styled for practically every shot used in this entry on him as a style icon, and I tend to be more fascinated with the style of people like - for example - Marlene Dietrich (who was fastidiously in control of every aspect of her own presentation at all times) because THEY are the person creating the style and selecting the clothing...

God, Jeremy Irons just knows how to wear clothing, doesn't he? There is something fabulous about how he wears the clothes... about how he wears HIS BODY, at all times.

I actually held onto all the ads he did for Donna Karan.
Another thing to dig out from my vaults.


  1. I love this mans voice. If I could trade voices with someone he'd be on the top of my list.

  2. LOL. Agreed. His voice is glorious... and not just the tone of it, but the way he speaks - the cadence of his speech. It's like someone distilled pure style and class, made him drink it and the result was that even his voice was suffused with those qualities.