Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Things I Do For Shoes

I sort of abhor the pouffy top boot movement. Typically, I love boots. Not being of the scrawny stick-leg variety, however, I do not need a pouf of faux fur to make my calves look healthy. I also have no interest in the clydesdale look which is really only cute on anime characters. Or people who look an awful lot like anime characters.

So I have my personal moral stand on the boot situation. Then I went therapy shopping this weekend and fell in terrible, forbidden love with a pair of boots. They have wedge heels and they were 20% off the already low price.

Clearly, I had no choice.

I have purchased them and am determined to take them:


Wish me luck as I strive to strike a blow against fashion lemming-dom and remake my beloved boots in a more perfect image.

(Cue snazzy, inspirational superhero theme music)


  1. Is it wrong of me to think they're cute either way? Am I a lemming?

  2. Oh my goodness! They are so cute. I too liek them both ways, but I prefer them your way.

    Good luck, and happy boot wearing.

  3. Ooo, nice job on both the sale price and the selection! I think your idea proves that there's probably no such thing as a style being "off limits" if you're creative. :)

    The heavens must be smiling on shoe shopping this past week--my sister also snagged a fab pair while seeing Rome for the first time.

  4. I so wish we lived closer... I have a small set of fashion sense, in part because of you and part from living in NYC. I too hate the fuzzy top boots and have no need for anything that would widen my legs. But i have no vision and no sewing ability so buying something that wasn't what i liked to begin with is beyond me... Good luck and if it works maybe i can send of my "needs a new look" clothing to you... :)

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Tracey - Nooooo! You are not a lemming! It's just that I live in a college town. So I am surrounded by 18-22 year old girls and every single one of them has spent the entire winter wearing skinny jeans and fuzzy topped boots. When you live in a college town any mild trend suddenly starts to look pretty freaky because it's EVERYWHERE. I would think the look was WAY cuter if I didn't live in the land of the teenagers!

  6. I confess...I have a pair of fuzzy boots! And while I don't have chopsticks for legs like most of the girls you are referring to, I do think they look cute on me. But they aren't very tall. Oh well! One day I hope to have chopsticks for legs!

  7. I must admit, I find them both to be adorable either way, but the gods know how terrible my choice of style can often be.

    Also- I must tell you this: Last night, my mother and I watched the original Pride and Prejudice movie made in 1938 with Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson (which is fantastic if you've never seen it) on the TCM channel, and I really could not get over how much you look like Greer Garson.

  8. Sweet. I look like Greer Garson, y'all! Mal, have I told you lately what excellent taste and judgement I think you have? hee hee