Monday, July 17, 2006

Trashy Treasures, Guilty Pleasures

Tabloids rot your brain. I know that. And I think it’s all shallow and icky and terrible and bad for your soul. And just like a lot of people, I still sometimes indulge my dark fascination with celebrity and the celeb fashion parade. If I need a dose of celebrity drama hooey, I go to A Socialite’s Life, which I think is the best of the online tabloids. They are unabashedly gosspiy, have no shame about tawdry stuff to share, but also have links for everything and post joke “gossip” just to make sure you’re paying attention. It has absolutely no redeeming value as a way to spend your time... but if reading People magazine doesn’t make you feel dirty then you’ll love Socialite’s Life (and if it does, you may still like the site... and just not tell anyone you read it!).

If I want a sharper take that’s all about the clothes and pretty much nothing about the social hoo-ha, I check out the brilliant Go Fug Yourself (which you’ve probably already heard of if you skim the blogosphere at all). Go Fug is especially good because the focus is on critisizing the fugly - there’s no fawning and just the periodic “good” pic when a previously foolish celeb has been “unfugged” for finally getting their act together. The photos are funny, I sometimes disagree with them, but mostly the draw is the writing because the ladies at Go Fug can be quite clever while also being unrelentingly sharp.

Last but not least - I’ve gotten hooked on Blogging Project Runway. Not only is TV bad for you, but now I’m encouraging you to read about TV on a blog! eeck! If you like the show, however, the blog is not-to-be-missed. I know it’s reality television which I am usually four-square against, but it’s also a competition based on creative and technical ability. The drama stems from the fierce competition instead of “who stole my granola bars.” or “who slept with who.” so I don’t feel quite as guilty about loving it! The blog has links to designer’s websites, blogs that examine all sorts of PR minutiae and oodles of pictures and up to the moment info. For any Project Runway fan, it’s a definite must-see. I may find myself blogging about the show at some point because I’m fascinated by a competitor named Laura Bennett who's a 42-year-old architect, has 5 children and still looks like she just stepped out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I guess I was feeling irresponsible today. These links may rot your brain a bit but will also entertain you and sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Just a quick add-on - Go Fug put up the BEST EVER post Right Here featuring William H. Macy (whom I adore). Check it out!

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