Tuesday, July 25, 2006

La Croix

I’m obsessed with La Croix sparkling water. It’s fizzy and vaguely bitter and the fruit taste is really subtle and I LOVE IT. Can’t get enough of it. My fridge is starting to look like some absurd pastel colored display as I have an entire shelf overflowing with cans of Lemon, Orange and Lime (my favorite) La Croix. Thanks to this new habit, I spend half my day stampeding over coworkers to get to the ladies room. It’s like getting two new hobbies in one - drinking fizzy water and peeing.

This isn’t really relevant except that I need an explanation for why I would actually bother to go to the website of a bottled water company. Most people don’t go to the websites printed neatly on the bottom of our favorite consumables in order to learn more about them. Big shocker, there are no secrets about sparkling water revealed at this website. There ARE however, some decent wallpapers, if you can bear having the company logo at the corner of your wallpaper (which I can because, as I mentioned previously, I’m obsessed).

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