Sunday, March 06, 2011

Talking to People Who Aren't There

I tend to be a talkative person, but I have become less so as I have grown older. People don't really need to know so much about me. There are things we say to other people to make ourselves feel better, but that benefit them in no way. Some confessions, deep personal thoughts, difficult truths, messy personal histories... some are meant for few people to hear. Your closest friend, maybe a sister. But really, sometimes we just talk for ourselves and it serves no purpose. Sometimes our deepest feelings aren't meant to be shared. Getting to this has been a process. It took me a long time to learn to trust and to share information about myself or things that I felt with people. Then I had to turn around and learn when to stop. I'm still learning.

As I grow, sometimes I find myself "telling" someone something when they aren't there. The things I know I would be saying only for me, the things that are too hard to actually tell. I will picture the conversation I would have, that I might have about these things. I talk it through. I apologize. I tell the person who isn't there all the hard things they don't know, the complicated things I feel but can't say. Different people in my life, people who were once in my life, people I never got to say my piece to.

Sometimes I want to go stand outside somewhere and call things out. Like The Sound of Music meets Primal Scream therapy. Put me in a dress made out of curtains and set me on a mountaintop so I can give the universe hell for all the things I can never say aloud or realized too late. I can see myself - just screaming out sentences. Because the people who should hear them are gone. Or the time for it is past. Or because it would help me, not them.

It's like an exercise I do in my head...
finding the thing I wish I could say:

"I'm exhausted and sometimes this is too much."

"If I had it do over - I would press charges."

"I should never have left you and gotten on that plane."

"Grow up. See past yourself. Yes, I think you are selfish."

"Sometimes I want to protect you from the world. And yourself."

"You should have left her back then."

"No one believes anything you say anymore."

"Next to you is the safest I ever felt."

"I always loved you."

"Come back."


  1. I so know what you mean.

    I spend half my life talking to people who aren't there. This is a beautiful post, hon.

  2. Me three. I rehearse conversations or tell non existant people stories that I wish I could tell someone, but since I think people won't like the stories I just tell them out loud to no one. This happens a lot in the car while I'm driving. But as long as I have the bluetooth one thinks I'm nuts. Right?

  3. Do you also think they are there sometimes? Forget you're alone?

  4. I do this...seriously about everyday. I forget I'm alone and to me sometimes the people are real. For example....ill be in the shower and I will have an argument with someone like my mom get out of the shower and forget that it wasn't real and be really mad at my mom after. I have to control myself in public so I don't do it in front of people when I zone out or in the car. I always felt like I was the only one like I'm a freak and there os something very wrong with me. I'm so beyond glad I found this posting. :)