Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Between Times

I'm a spotty blogger.

That SOUNDS like some kind of skin disease, but you know what I mean. Sometimes I just don't have as much to say - I mean, I'm reminiscing about Madonna, for heaven's sake. Sometimes I'm all ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES or chock full o' anecdotes and thought provoking lists (hahaha). But then sometimes I have a head cold and long hours of rehearsal and I'm all, "My readers? Uh... They have other things to do. I'll be back before they even notice I'm gone. Um. What were we talking about? Ooooh, Is that Nyquil??"

Sorry for the in between times.

While we're chatting (because in my my mind, this is a two way street. Like some ongoing conversation we're having), I want to refer you to an amazing blog I found through one of my favorite writers online, Liza. Gila at My Shrapnel is an American-born woman who lives in Israel and writes about life after she "was seriously injured six years ago in a suicide bombing while waiting for a bus at the Machane Yehuda open air market in Jerusalem." It's amazing. SHE's amazing. And funny. Seriously. Tremendously brilliant and funny. She refers to herself as a "Poor, Sad, Heroic, Victim of Terror®". It's the best thing I've read in ages and provides perspective the likes of which few writers I have encountered can provide. It's difficult to feel sorry for yourself while reading about a woman whose body is, to this day, slowly expelling pieces of metal and bone and other unidentitifed objects that are embedded in almost every part of her. A must read.

MUCH better for your brain than my musings on Madonna.


  1. Thank ye for the compliment, m'dear. I do believe you made my day (of course, my day is being spent editing highly technical documents written in English by native Korean speakers, so it doesn't take much...)!

    BTW, I totally agree with your assessment about Madonna and how hard she's become. I saw her on Letterman a while back, and it was scary to see how harsh and driven she'd become. She just wasn't projecting any joy whatsoever.

    And I'm glad you like Gila. Her writing is incredible on so many levels, isn't it?

  2. Oh, it is! I mean, first off she's simply a strong writer. And I started reading her piece explaining what "My Shrapnel" is and what happened to her and what it is to be her every day. And it's just mind boggling. Then I realize she's making jokes about it. Not "haha" funny but with this wry humor and this unwillingness to ask for pity. It's just breathtaking. Thank YOU for leading me to her!