Monday, May 14, 2007

The Art of Trish Grantham

© Trish Grantham

I really can't say it better than her work is described on her website, "Using a variety of media and acrylic paint on wood panels, Grantham paints a cast of doe-eyed, cartoon-like characters: Bunny, Robot-Panda, Girl, Carl the Squirrel, Think-Monster, Toast, Birds, and more populate her surfaces. The simple lines and stylized characters parallel Japanese anime, and the fantasy world they inhabit is wholly original. Appearing alternately wistful, pensive, punch-drunk, in love, or troubled, these characters play out classic themes of good versus evil, and romantic love." Wistful is a good word for it. Her gallery is full of off-kilter, subtly sweet and intrictely layered work. And her website is gorgeous.

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