Friday, January 12, 2007

Fat Hamster Cheats Vacuum Death! and other riveting tales of rodent escapades

I found the best link EVER on BoingBoing today and felt the need to share. Teresa at Making Light posted a list of BBC News stories about hamsters. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. There are links to stories beginning in 1998 and I think it is noteworthy that the noble hamster has appeared in more and more articles with each passing year.

While I am not a particular hamster afficionado, I’ve always liked them. Those tiny toes, their glossy black eyes, how they bumble around like teeny balls of chunky fluff. I had a hamster when I was very little but I tucked him into Barbie’s bed for safekeeping when my mother called me to the dinner table one night and, in spite of much searching, he was never seen again.

The articles noted in the blog include: “Sir Cliff Richard versus the singing hamsters”, “Apparently deceased hamster revives; gnaws hole in coffin, tunnels out of grave, and finds its way home”, “Bus company apologizes for charging hamster 10p for ride; issues lifetime bus pass”, and the best headline of them all “Fat Hamster Cheats Vacuum Death”. Click here to get the whole list at Making Light and link to these stories.

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