Friday, June 23, 2006

The Art of Linda Bergkvist

detail of Linda Bergkvist’s “Spoiled” - © Linda Bergkvist

Breathtaking, dark and ethereal artwork. She is tremendously talented and I really reccommend visiting her gallery at I believe it also contains a link for those interested in purchasing prints or a posterbook of her work.

On her site she writes, "I'm planning a book on dark fairytales, and all the images are part of a world I've created. If you do not like fantasy, or pictures of fae and elves, I suggest you look elsewhere. It's the world of the fantastic that fascinates me, you see. I don't draw big guns, and I don't draw realistic things: I simply don't want to (unless, of course, you pay me - in which case it's another matter altogether!)."

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